Guard Dog ID Scam

Washington, District Of Columbia 4 comments

I called on Tuesday to sign myself and husband up for the top package.I Never received an email confirmation or welcome emailfrom them so i could not log in and set up my account.

I called them back Wednesday they said wait till Friday, it should be there by then. So on Saturday I checked my email and still nothing from Guard Dog. I called today and they said "yeah that happens you should try CI Theft services", really bait and switch. They had no problem charging my credit card right away, 289.00.

This morning I cancelled but they didnt give me a confirmation on it and could not tell when the credit to my card would show up.

I disputed the charges on my credit card with my holder.STAY AWAY from them, They all my personal information now and could easily steal my ID, exactlly what I was trying to avoid.

Review about: Email Confirmation.



this is EXACTLY what happened to us last december.put in our credit card info and then could not get into the account / never received confirmation and could never get rid of the charges.

after having identity theft this company SEEMED legit but is just a phony front for some investment scam.STAY AWAY!!!!


Being in the middle of a merger should have no effect on starting a new account, They are just another PENNY stock rip off, ticker symbol GRDO, check them out on most poster there are PRO GRDO but wait till they get ripped off.


They're smack-dab in the midst of a merger. That could be your problem...


Who is Guard Dog ID?

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Dumb Hoax Guard Dog ID LLC scam artist company

New York, New York 4 comments

so i love that all these losers are posting comments in defense of Guard Dog ID LLC which supposedly protects people from identity theft.why do they ask for your social security number in an online questionnaire.

then when you try to pay for the darned service they tell you your credit card has not been authorized but when i tried 3 different credit cards and called all 3 credit card companies they said the charges went through SCAM! tried calling all the numbers listed. even found a lame *** direct link to James Watson CEO himself. ha!

what a bunch of bull ***. it's all about investors and investments.

wtf is it listed as a money making opportunity on a site for veterans.GUARD DOG ID LLC IS SUCH A crock!

Review about: Company Business Practice.



Hey thanks Anonymous, I didn't know it was an investment I could make .I'm a client ,but never checked the investors tab , I feel so dumb .

I just checked it out real fast and it looks like they are ready for big things gotta look at it more over the week end , but I do believe you just gave me a Winner !!Thanks Man !!


I have to apologize .I really know nothing about Guard Dog ID or any one involved with them .I just like to complain and start rumors on the WWW I'm a real *** !

sorry .:sigh



Peris, Bucharest, Romania #227171

if they service is SO great why have multiple people been charged on their credit cards WITHOUT authorization including myself.Why is it impossible to contact a representative at the dumb telephone numbers on your website.

Too bad Guard Dog ID reps can post on here, too.Of course you're going to defend you're service which is all about ripping people off.

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Guard Dog ID Identify Theft Scam! Hoax!

New York, New York 14 comments

Tried getting in touch with someone at Guard Dog after 3 of my credit cards supposedly failed when I tried to purchase an identity theft plan on their site.Called my credit card companies and the charges actually went through!!!!

so had to cancel all cards since I gave guard dog personal information. This is a total scam for people who have been victims of identity theft. they are posing as a legitimate company but are charging people's credit cards fraudulently. If you try calling any of the numbers I found the phone either hangs up eventually, I get a voice recording with a phone number (doesn't even say Guard Dog).

I did manage to get the voicemail of James Watson (loser CEO) but nobody ever answered no matter which avenue I tried to reach them. They probably work out of some shady strip mall in Florida wearing pinky rings, smoking cigars with sweaty comb overs.

Do not go to Guard Dog is a scam.

Review about: Identity Theft Plan.



HAS ANYBODY ACTUALLY used this service?!what the ***.

so lame. i just checked back outta curiosity when I ordered it back in 2010. still lame, i see.

*** Guard Dog ID.wth.


WTF with this dumb *** fake company!?


good luck Sween , Joe like I said I had another that I was not happy with and started looking and found some reviews like this one and made my mind up to change to Guard Dog ID.


arg I wish I had seen this before I tried to sighn up.Cant fint Credit reports, web site does not work right (lots of dead links when I try to open service tickets and invoices).

The phone number just hangs up when I call. I dont think this is a real company.

My bank said they are not on a fraud list (thank god) but I will be watching my creidt cards.Wish me luck in canceling my service.


called and someone did answer after going through the options


I was searching for ID Theft companies seeing if there have been complaints about any of them.Who is Guard Dog ID?

I've never even heard of this company.Why did you choose them over some of the other, more well known companies out there?


The best thing I did in 2010 was get Guard Dog ID .I used another one that cost more for less protection and has had some real legal problems .

I moved to Guard Dog ID and feel much safer now . I do a lot of banking and online shopping and never have I been so comfortable doing so as I do now.

There are coupons all over the net for Guard Dog ,its a great way to get started .BTW this is the first and only time I have ever heard some one complain about Guard Dog hhmmm makes you wonder .

Peris, Bucharest, Romania #227348

FINALLY got an email response with refund information from Guard Dog ID. we shall see if it actually posted to my credit cards.

Peris, Bucharest, Romania #227170

@John G anyone who is listening how about you try calling that number that smartie pants just posted.TRY getting an actual human being on the other line without being disconnected.

I've tried multiple times and multiple numbers and can't reach a blessed soul. why the H would I even care to continue making comments if they weren't true? I wouldn't. three of my credit cards were charged WITHOUT authorization.

Guard Dog ID's crafty little site said my card had not been authorized when it actually WAS three TIMES.on three different cards (i kept putting a new card in thinking one would work)


You're posting an untruth and anyone can verify--they're a 24/7 operation Call 866.422.7058

Peris, Bucharest, Romania #226748

@Troy P .YEAH i have tried that number, when you use the menu to try to actually TALK to someone like an "identity recovery specialist" (PAHHHLEASE) the phone goes dead and you get an empty dial tone.

this happens repeatedly no matter which avenue you try to take on the ever-loving menu. only way to get through is if you call the investor line. Guard Dog ID SUCKS.

get a life.scam = guard dog id

Peris, Bucharest, Romania #226184

very interesting that all 3 of the comments trying to defend Guard Dog were posted within minutes of each other from 3 different users.RETARDS!!!!

you guys suck. get a life. stop scamming people. get a real job.

eat blankety blank and die.

Guard Dog ID sucks hoax.scam.

Peris, Bucharest, Romania #226182

who cares if the BBB has an A- rating it has nothing to do with the identity theft *** it's all FAKE.who cares if there is a satellite photo!

could be any building out there! nice try on the phone number i found THREE different ones all of which disconnected or were unreachable.. and why do you care to give positive feedback?

why are you looking for Guard Dog ID comments???because you're all a bunch a liars.


No problems for me contacting or signing up--heres the contact info


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New York, New York 3 comments

this company is a scam. tried ordering a premium id theft package.

order never went through but i was charged multiple times. could

not reach company. line repeatedly hung up on me. their website

told me my cc was denied but my cc company told me the charges went through.

major losers! major scam. guard dog id llc sucks.

this company is a scam. tried ordering a premium id theft package.

order never went through but i was charged multiple times. could

not reach company. line repeatedly hung up on me. their website

told me my cc was denied but my cc company told me the charges went through.

major losers! major scam. guard dog id llc sucks.

Review about: Premium Id Theft Package.



Wow are you guys kidding ? Or just kids playing lol . all any one with any brains has to do is look it up for them selfs . Do you realy think they would take your word for it ?

Guard Dog is also on the Govt GSA site

under Winvale's contract. Type in "GUARD DOG WINVALE" in the search box . You'll see Guard Dog products offered to Govt employees

Peris, Bucharest, Romania #226221

get a life retards.once again you post under different aliases within minutes.

it's all an online marketing scheme. all those websites are GHETTO. why the F would they be partnered with a real estate business if they are offering identity theft services? why the F would they hire someone who was sued for Fraud (Kendra Todd in Florida) you guys are so lame!

hahahahahahah George W.Guard Dog ID LLC is the biggest scam eva' go suck it.

Peris, Bucharest, Romania #226053

i also found out that they are linked to weird real estate ventures, found them on a money making opportunities website for veterans what the!??!saw that they made fraudulent charges along with OAN on people's AT&T bills.

tried contacting James Watson, the CEO. major loser. Kendra Todd who is spokeswoman for Guard Dog ID Identity theft was sued for fraudulent behavior in a Florida real estate deal.

seems like she moved to Seattle to open her own deal.


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